Kelly Clarkson Goes Emo With My Chemical Romance Kellyoke Cover

Crack open the eyeliner: Kelly Clarkson’s emo phase is here. The star covered My Chemical Romance’s emo anthem “Welcome to the Black Parade” on November 11’s Kelly Clarkson Show, in a true curveball from her usual Kellyoke fare. Somehow, Clarkson and her team condensed this five-minute, multi-movement epic of a song into a 90-second performance, making an arrangement that’s less rock opera and more Kelly-esque power ballad. But Clarkson’s band still brought the riffs, she brought the belts, and truly, we couldn’t ask for much more from a My Chem Kellyoke. Now, we’re just waiting for Clarkson to cover Jimmy Eat World’s “Sweetness.”

Kelly Clarkson Goes Emo, Covers My Chemical Romance