Lorde Drops ‘Fallen Fruit,’ Picks a Bushel of Bonus Tracks

Like the fruit she’s singing about, Lorde has dropped a new music video for “Fallen Fruit.” Droppedfallen … get it? Anyway, the visuals for the song find Lorde back on the island from the “Solar Power” video, walking through the forest and along the beach (though not “together” or with “psychedelic garlands” in her hair as the lyrics promise). In a newsletter to fans, Lorde says the video shows “humans doing as they do, getting greedy, treating the land with disrespect and stripping it of its beauty.” Her character, she adds, “makes a choice.” We say, if “Solar Power” was a medication commercial, “Fallen Fruit” is one of those movie journey montages.

Alongside the video, Lorde dropped some news: She’ll be releasing a deluxe version of Solar Power this Friday (two days before she turns 25), and it will include two previously unreleased tracks, “Helen of Troy” and “Hold No Grudge.” Per the newsletter, the former is “just me talking trash to make Jack laugh, basically” (referring to producer Jack Antonoff) and the latter includes the lyrics “Acting my age, not my horoscope / Guess that’s growing up.” We await comment from Blink-182.

Lorde Drops ‘Fallen Fruit’ Video, Solar Power Deluxe News