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Mira Sorvino Once Had a Sex Scene With Her Cousin

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Vulture

In news that would make the incest guy from Community very happy, Mira Sorvino revealed a bizarre bit of family history during Vulture Festival’s live-watch of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion: Not only did her cousin, actor Rick Pasqualone, make a quick appearance in the film as the boyfriend of Michele’s drama-club teenage crush, but the duo also had to share a sex scene early in their careers in an erotic short film. That’s Hollywood, man. At least, we think that’s Hollywood? “He and I did a short film together. It was my first short film, called The Dutch Master,” Sorvino recalled with a laugh. “It got nominated for an Oscar. We actually played fiancés and we had a sex scene, which was very weird, as he’s my cousin. He’s a very nice guy. A handsome guy.” Should inquisitive minds require more intel, The Dutch Master was released in 1993 and revolves around Sorvino’s character escaping into a painting to have a romp with the man who lives inside of it. And that man was played by, yes, her real-life cousin. Vermeer is shaking!

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Mira Sorvino Once Had a Sex Scene With Her Cousin