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Netflix’s Selling Tampa Trailer: They’re ‘Closing Deals in Heels’ Along the Suncoast

Selling Sunset, step aside because Selling Tampa is officially coming to Netflix. Allure Realty, owned by military vet Sharelle Rosado, is an all-Black, all-female real-estate firm ready to start “closing deals in heels.” But it’s not all sunny in the luxury waterfront real-estate business along the Florida Coast. In the newly dropped trailer for Selling Tampa, drama is brewing as the women of Allure Realty balance their working and personal relationships. Anne-Sophie questions her co-workers’ loyalty; Rena contemplates breaking away and starting her own brokerage; at some point, all the girls come at each other at a fancy dinner event. Expect all of this to go down in classy suit dresses and perfect glam. Karla sums it up best: “They got some problems. Watch.” Say less. The season premiere is set for December 15.

Netflix’s Selling Tampa Trailer: ‘Closing Deals in Heels’