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Can These Discounted TVs Ease Your Holiday Shopping Anxiety?

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photo: Amazon

The world’s third-largest company wants to get into your living room this holiday season. On Amazon right now, you can grab four new smart-TV models for $140 or $150 off each; of course, the TVs in question happen to be Amazon Fire models. A Fire TV Stick 4K is also on sale for half off ($25), but keep in mind that if you spring for one of the smart TVs, they can download apps, too. Apple nerds among us will also be pleased to learn that Airplay is on its way to Amazon TVs, though Apple’s own products continue to play nicest with each other.

The sale kicks off today and is good until November 29 (Cyber Monday) at 11:59 p.m. PT. But what everyone might want to consider is when you want this stuff to arrive. Amazon frenemy Roku repeatedly expressed concerns about supply-chain issues with TVs on their earnings call with shareholders this week. It’s an issue bound to affect holiday shipping, to the point that it’s turned the USPS into poets: “Don’t delay, mail and ship today!” Sage advice for gift-givers and prospective smart-TV owners.


Omni sets have Alexa built-in, so mind what you yell at the screen.


What they don’t have: DolbyVision. (If you don’t know what that is, don’t sweat it.)

Fun fact about the 4-Series: It’s made by TCL. So if you hook these up to cable, use TCL’s cable control codes.

And the 4-Series also comes with Amazon’s voice remote, by the way.

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Can These Discounted TVs Ease Your Holiday Shopping Anxiety?