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Niecy Nash Is Good at Sex … Scenes

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Vulture

Niecy Nash has one handy tip for doing a convincing sex scene: Just be really good at sex. This extremely secret and exclusive acting advice was revealed in a conversation at Vulture Festival in Los Angeles between Nash and her good pal Sherri Shepherd, who pointed out, once the conversation turned to Nash’s starring role on Claws, that the show marks yet another accomplishment on a list for Nash that already includes her work on shows like Reno 911!, Scream Queens, and Getting On. 

“There was lovemaking, and then you had some sex scenes in there! You had never done that before, Niecy!” Shepherd said during the conversation. “Niecy was the best friend, she was the judge, she got people’s homes together, she was the nurse for older people, but with her legs up in the air?!” Nash cut in to make a small clarification: “Wait a minute! Time out. I love that she is saying this like it was real sex … It’s TV sex!” When Shepherd pointed out that it looked “so real,” Nash offered a simple explanation: “Because I’m good at it! If you’re good at it, you can make it look real!”

Nash pointed out that sex scenes on TV are “the most unsexual thing to do ever,” between finding chemistry with her scene partner and all the crew on set while it goes down. But, being a master of the art and all, she offered some helpful sex-scene acting advice at Shepherd’s request, which all came down to a very simple tip: Get the sex scenes filmed as early in the day as possible. “When everybody first come to work, they smell pleasant! And when you’ve been working in the New Orleans heat for 16 hours and then you wanna come crawling all over me! Uh-uh!” Nash said. “Do it in the morning, and if it needs to be night, you just wrap that dark curtain around so it looks like it’s dark inside so we can get it over with, still have lunch, and put it behind you.” In case you were wondering whether Nash needed, or wanted, a sex coordinator on set, the answer is no: “I don’t need a coordinator to tell me how to work my mojo!”

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Niecy Nash Is Good at Sex … Scenes