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Rico Nasty and Flo Milli Are All About Their “Money”

Money, please! Rico Nasty and Flo Milli aren’t asking — they’re demanding. In the Wizard of Oz-inspired “Money” music video, directed by Roxana Baldovin of “Tia Tamera,” they’re traveling down the yellow brick road, robbing old, white businessmen who’d be better off writing them into their wills and passing away. Jumping from set to set, they look like models as they rap, perched on fluffy clouds and drenched in gold jewelry. “Money” was produced by German EDM DJ Boys Noize, upgrading the old-school jam for a genre-bender like Rico Nasty. She released her last album, Nightmare Vacation, at the end of 2020, and a single, “Buss,” in August. And by the way, don’t fight her, ‘cause we know how you “rap” “fans” like to tussle. Earlier this month, Rico Nasty had to stop a set to cuss out an audience while opening for Playboi Carti. Best to not mess with her “Money.” Watch FloNasty count their riches in the new music video above.

Rico Nasty and Flo Milli Are About Their “Money”