Simu Liu, Bowen Yang Compete to Win the Title of Best First Asian

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live saw Bowen Yang and host Simu Liu test out the upper limits of Hollywood representation by going head to head for the title of Best First Asian. First Asian to do what, exactly? Well, that depends. For Liu, it’s “First Asian Marvel superhero,” and for Yang, it’s “First Chinese-American SNL cast member.” But what about “First Asian Man to Deadpan on Splash Mountain”? That accolade goes to Liu, it turns out, while Yang bags “First Gay Asian Cast Member to Mispronounce ‘Boutique.’” Per the sketch, Liu also recently became the first Asian man to order a Pick 2 at Panera Bread (native advertising alert), and Yang, not to be outdone, earned the “Good Job (Asian)” award from the state of Michigan. You’ll have to watch the sketch above to find out who won the coveted “First Asian Man to Do a Cher Impression on NBC” trophy.

Simu Liu, Bowen Yang Compete to Win Best First Asian