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Sob Openly While Watching Adele Reunite With Her Old English Teacher

Photo: ITV/Twitter

Every arty kid had that one teacher that made them feel like maybe there was a place for them in the world. Adele is no exception, and she got to reunite with her life-changing English teacher (and they’re always English teachers, aren’t they? Okay, sometimes they teach art.) on her ITV special. The British cousin to CBS’s Adele One Night Only had plenty of across-the-pond luminaries in attendance: David Tennant, chat-show host Graham Norton, rapper Stormzy, Emma Thompson, Samuel L. Jackson for some reason, and Adele’s former teacher Miss McDonald. When McDonald took the stage to meet her former pupil, Adele broke down in tears. Well, we all did. But Adele had to stop her own concert to get her makeup touched up. Luckily, comedian Alan Carr was around to do a stunning performance of “Make You Feel My Love.”

Sob Openly and Watch Adele Reunite With Her English Teacher