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Stream the Even Sadder Version of Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Taylor Swift will not rest until she has that damn scarf back. Fresh off the heels of the music-video release, Swift has dropped a Sad Girl Autumn version of the ten-minute “All Too Well.” Because our mental health is a sick game to her, apparently. “One of the saddest songs I’ve ever written just got sadder 🙃,” she tweeted. Swift recorded the new, even sadder version of the song at Long Pond Studios, the site of Swift’s folklore movie. The stu’ is in the Hudson Valley and owned by the National’s Aaron Dessner. Swift recorded this version of “All Too Well” with Dessner and producer Jonathan Low. Fans dubbed fall 2021 as exclusively for the Sad Girls after new music from Swift, Adele, and Mitski dropped. It makes sense. The days are shorter, and sweater weather so seamlessly transitions into “hide inside a ball of comforters and don’t come out till spring” weather. Taking us all to Crytown (population: you) has been working out for the girls. Adele’s special pulled in 9.92 million viewers, and “All Too Well” (10-Minute Version) is topping the Apple Music charts.

Stream the Even Sadder Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’