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John Early Hopes Search Party Is Remembered for Acknowledging That ‘We Live in Hell’

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Vulture

In the fifth and final season of Search Party, Dory makes it back to this mortal coil after her near-death experience at the end of season four and decides to devote herself to spreading the good word of the wondrous things she experienced before being resuscitated. That, as the creators have teased, leads to her teaming up with Jeff Goldblum and, eventually, finding some sort of cult. But of course, the very dark comedy’s real legacy might be the way it always seems to acknowledge that things are bad, man. “I have a friend who said that Search Party is the only show that acknowledges that we live in hell,” John Early said at a Vulture Festival event offering a sneak peek of the premiere of the upcoming season. “It’s just going there. Everyone feels like shit all the time right now, and Search Party has the teeth to acknowledge that.”

Early and his co-stars Alia Shawkat, John Reynolds, and Meredith Hagner appeared at the panel alongside creators Charles Rogers and Sarah-Violet Bliss, where they all reflected on how they hoped the show would be remembered. “I hope people remember it, at all,” Rogers deadpanned, before adding that, barring a collapse of the entire streaming cloud, “I would really love it if it had a Twin Peaks forever-ness to it. It would be really nice if people remembered it.”

“It is a capsule of this time, more so than any other show,” Shawkat added, “and I have a weird track record of making things nobody cares about until many years later.” She praised Bliss and Rogers for sticking to their specific vision for the series. “Things that are this cool, people catch on later,” she added. “Hopefully not too much later, and we get nominated for an Emmy or some shit.”

Search Party Knows We Live in Hell