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Watch Adele’s At-home Performance of ‘To Be Loved’ Ahead of 30 Release

Photo: Twitter

Who says despair can’t be cozy? Adele released a live, at-home performance of “To Be Loved” on all her social-media platforms ahead of 30’s release on Friday. Adele sits in (presumably) her living room. Ever since The Dean Martin Show, a couch has been the go-to ballad-delivery location. You’re curled in on yourself, which is bad for the diaphragm but good for the vibes of a sad, sad song. But Adele doesn’t need her best posture to peak the volume of her front-facing camera. She belts the house — her house — down. “To Be Loved” is track 11 of 15 on Adele’s album on “divorce, baby, divorce.” Adele has been big on speaking her truth to the cameras during the album press cycle. She previewed “Easy on Me” on Instagram Live and filled out her concert special, One Night Only, with an Oprah interview.

Watch Adele’s At-home Performance of ‘To Be Loved’