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And Just Like That, the And Just Like That … Trailer Is Just, Like, Here

You either die a charming protagonist or live long enough to become … a podcaster. That’s the takeaway from the trailer for HBO Max’s Sex and the City follow-up series, And Just Like That. Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) voice-over is the same soothingly inane narration as it’s always been, but this time people are listening to it in-universe on a podcast called X, Y, and Me, co-hosted by Sara Ramirez. We appreciate executive producer Michael Patrick King really going all in on how the ladies relate to gender in 2021, even if the results end up disastrous. Let’s just say Sex and the City 2 didn’t exactly instill our trust in this franchise’s ability to handle topics outside its very elegantly appointed wheelhouse. And while Carrie was podcasting in Brooklyn … we see Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Harry at their daughter’s piano recital; Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) having drinks with Karen Pittman; and Big (Chris Noth) getting into Peloton, because of course he is. Also: our boy STEVE!! Steve can be spotted at the one-minute-14-second mark of the trailer. He looks great. And Just Like That … premieres Thursday, December 9, on HBO Max. Countdown to Steve town.

And Just Like That, the And Just Like That … Trailer Is Here