Post Malone and the Weeknd’s ‘One Right Now’ Video Is Out Right Now

Talk about a deadly duo. Post Malone and the Weeknd have released the music video for their collaboration “One Right Now,” and if you took a shot every time someone got shot in the video, you’d be in the hospital. Aside from an opening scene where Post Malone uses cryptocurrency to purchase an NFT, the two artists spend the whole video looking for each other and killing everyone else they happen to meet along the way. “Said you love me, but I don’t care / That I broke my hand on the same wall that you told me that he fucked you on,” they sing together in the chorus as bullets stain the walls with blood. The gory montage matches the tone of angry lyrics like “You’re a stain on my legacy / We can’t be friends, can’t be family.”

In the video, Post Malone is dressed in white, while the Weeknd’s coat, sunglasses, and arm sling are all black. At one point, Post Malone fires at several people who are dressed in the same attire as the Weeknd. When Malone does actually find him, the Weeknd falls down the stairs after he manages to dodge a bullet. The two meet again and (spoiler) end up shooting each other squarely in the forehead. You know, now that we think about it, the Weeknd was also stabbed by Rosalía when he featured in her “La Fama” video. We guess if he says he’s dying to work with another artist, he really means it.

Post Malone and the Weeknd Drop Their ‘One Right Now’ Video