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Sort Of Trailer: Gender-Fluid Millennial Sabi Has Life Under Control … Sort Of

Sabi has life under control … well sort of. HBO Max has just dropped the trailer for Sort Of, the journey of gender-fluid millennial Sabi Mehboob, played by Bilal Baig. Pulled in all the different directions of their identity, it appears they can’t keep anyone happy. As the youngest in a Pakistani family, Sabi is trying to swerve Mom’s calls while enduring their sister’s cross-examinations. At Sabi’s part-time nannying job, the mother they work for is lying in a hospital, nonresponsive (or as they explain it, just “like when you don’t respond to a text”). They could just pick up and move to Berlin. “Sacrificing yourself for a part-time nanny gig,” their ride to Germany slams the door in their face. But it doesn’t seem like it. Cut to Sabi making out with a naked boo. Sort Of, from Baig and Fab Filippo, is available on HBO Max November 18.

Sort Of Trailer: Sabi Has Life Under Control … Sort Of