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Watch Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds Do a Late-Night Switcheroo

What’s the point of being a mega movie star if you can’t pull a few shenanigans. Money? Get real. This business is all about power — the power to confuse late-night audiences and/or hosts. Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell switched late-night guesting gigs tonight. Reynolds was supposed to show up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Ferrell was supposed to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But the two pulled a switcheroo, showing up on the wrong coasts and wrong networks. Reynolds told Fallon that he was walking his dog past 30 Rock when Ferrell called him and asked him to fill in as Tonight Show guest. And Ferrell said he filled in for Reynolds because he lives at the Magic Castle, which is like a 15-minute walk from where Kimmel tapes. How fortuitous that both men had projects to promote. The world of late night has truly come a long way from Carson’s booker telling people they’d be banned from NBC for life if they went on Joan Rivers’s show, huh?

Watch Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds Do a Late-Night Swap