rolling in the camp

NikkieTutorials Guest Star Adele Is Entering Her Camp Era

Photo: NikkieTutorials/YouTube

Adele is giving you a ten-month heads up to get your Halloween costume ready. The 30 singer joined YouTuber and makeup artist Nikkie de Jager, a.k.a. NikkieTutorials, on “Power of Makeup” to talk about wine, the Rock, and CAMP! Adele shared that the upcoming video for her song “I Drink Wine” is “fucking hilarious” and calls it “the campiest thing you’ll ever see.” She feels that everyone “will be dressed up” as the video for next year’s Halloween. Welcome to Adele’s Camp Era. Adele also shared that the celebrity she’d be most starstruck to meet is the Jabroni-beatin’, pie-eatin’, hell-raisin’, trailblazin’, people’s champ: Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson! She revealed that she’s a huge wrestling fan and she’d cry if she met the Rock; she was in tears when he recently sent her flowers when he couldn’t make her One Night Only concert. Maybe Adele can convince him to rejoin the Fast and Furious franchise.

NikkieTutorials Collaborator Adele Is Entering Her Camp Era