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Watch Bad Bunny Get Simpsonic in New Music Video

Bad Bunny is the latest entity to collab with The Simpsons, joining Star Wars, Marvel, Disney+, and Balenciaga this year. The video is for “Te Deseo Lo Mejor,” off Bunny’s 2020 album El Último Tour Del Mundo. Bad Bunny has become the latest celeb to interfere in Homer and Marge’s relationship, helping Homer get back together with Marge after he gets addicted to his smartphone. Homer walks the streets of Springfield bereft and haunted by (1) his bad decisions and (2) Bad Bunny. The video features members of the show’s original Latin American–dub cast: Humberto Vélez and Claudia Motta. Showrunner Al Jean thanked Vélez and Motta on Twitter as well as director David Silverman and Bad Bunny himself. Besides getting Simpsonized, Bad Bunny joined the WWE this year and acted in the Netflix show Narcos.

Watch Bad Bunny Go Simpsonic in New Music Video