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Now We’ll Never Know If Dan Brown Was Living a Secret Life With a Horse Trainer

Alleged horse trainer guy. Photo: Emmi Korhonen/Shutterstock

In a mystery more puzzling than The Da Vinci Code or The Lost Symbol, the world will never know whether or not Dan Brown “led a secret life” involving “unlawful” behavior and a sordid affair with a horse trainer. Like Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the true story of Dan Brown and the horse trainer will remain a secret lost to time. The Angels and Demons author has settled a lawsuit filed in 2020 by his ex-wife, Blythe Brown, in which she alleged that he had a secret life involving several affairs while they were married, according to the Associated Press. It also alleged that Brown was secretly paying for gifts to an “unnamed horse trainer.” Furthermore, Brown’s ex-wife claimed credit for inspiring his work, including coming up with the premise for The Da Vinci Code, and that Brown stole ideas for future projects from her.

When Blythe Brown filed the suit in 2020, Dan Brown said it had been “written without regard for the truth” and claimed that he and his wife split their holdings evenly after their 2019 divorce. Blythe Brown’s attorney gave a statement saying that both parties “request that their desire for privacy and closure be respected.” What a shame. I wanted to see a horse testify.

Dan Brown Settles Lawsuit About His Alleged Secret Life