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Frank Ocean Gifted Us Nearly 9 Minutes of Unreleased Music

Photo: Josh Brasted/WireImage

Long time no see. After two years, Frank Ocean has returned with a Christmas episode of blonded RADIO — and yes, it includes unreleased music. The latest installment of the artist’s Apple Music 1 show features a previously recorded conversation about grief between Ocean, whose brother died last year, and motivational speaker Wim “Iceman” Hof. “I added some writing at the end that I did a single take of w Cory [Henry] in the summer of 2020,” Ocean explained in an Instagram story before the surprise episode dropped. “I came back and added a few words and parts over the top of that take more recently. Felt like it fit the wabi sabi of Wim’s words. Merry Xmas everyone.” In the final product, Ocean raps over a piano for nearly nine minutes. “I could be great, I’m on my way / If I wanna escape, I can escape,” he declares in the refrain’s lyrics. The heartfelt track is currently only officially available to listeners via Apple Music, and there’s been no word yet on whether it will be uploaded to other streaming platforms. In the meantime, it’s been preserved in fan recordings like the one below. And perhaps we’ll hear it again when Ocean headlines Coachella in 2023.

Frank Ocean Gifted Nearly 9 Minutes of an Unreleased Rap