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Gong Yoo and His Neck Tattoo Go to Space in The Silent Sea Trailer

There’s something mysterious happening on the moon. The trailer for Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi series The Silent Sea honestly doesn’t give us much more information than that, but it does give us Gong Yoo as a space captain with a neck tattoo, so, you know. We’re in. The clip opens with a depressing look at a future Earth that has undergone desertification. Gong Yoo is in charge of a team that’s been tasked with retrieving a sample from an abandoned research facility on the moon. Bae Doona (Sense8, Kingdom) plays an astrobiologist who is recruited for the mission, while Lee Joon (My Father Is Strange) serves as the group’s head engineer. But starting from what appears to be a crash landing, nothing seems to go as planned. When Gong Yoo pulls open a door on Balhae Station, a bloodied hand flops out. As it turns out, there are multiple dead bodies strewn across the floor. “Captain, a bio-signal is approaching us,” one of the astronauts reports. “It’s right ahead of us.” We see urgent red lights flash on as the team realizes they need to go. If you’re really curious about what’s going on, director Choi Hang-yong’s short film of the same name could potentially provide some clues. But for everyone else, The Silent Sea will arrive on Netflix on December 24.

The Silent Sea Trailer: Gong Yoo and His Tattoo Go to Space