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Vanessa Kirby Forgets Who She Is in the Italian Studies Trailer

If you think Italian Studies sounds like Italian Community, think again. Directed by Adam Leon, the film follows Alina Reynolds (Vanessa Kirby) and her adventure through the unknowns of New York City as she struggles to remember her own identity. She’s lost all of her memory but finds an anchor in a charismatic teenager (Simon Brickner), who guides her through the cityscape. Strangers real and imagined remind her she’s an author who wrote a book about teenagers. Alina doesn’t know Simon, whom she apparently should, but still she places her trust in him as they explore the city. “I think you’re very obviously special,” Simon tells her. “’Cause you came with me and nobody would. It’s a violation of social norms, but you didn’t give a fuck about any of that.” Magnolia Pictures is set to release the film in theaters and on demand January 14 with music by Nicholas Britell.

Italian Studies Trailer: Vanessa Kirby Forgets Who She Is