This Tall Child Had a Real Child

Photo: Michael Simon/Shutterstock

Little baby boy-man John Mulaney just had a John-Munn-baby. TMZ reports that Olivia Munn gave birth to their baby boy on November 24, almost a whole Munnth ago, in Los Angeles. Mulaney used to say that he didn’t want kids, but in September of this year, he announced on Late Night With Seth Meyers that he and Munn were expecting their first child.

Mulaney and his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler first announced back in May 2021 that they were getting divorced, with a source telling “Page Six” that Mulaney first asked for a divorce in February. Three days later, Mulaney and Munn went public with their relationship. Now, we may not be doctors, but if we know anything about how babies are made, Mulaney and Munn were probably seeing each other for a number of months before the divorce announcement. Mulaney is scheduled to go on tour in February 2022, so he’s got time to write some baby material.

Update, Friday, December 24 at 8:27 p.m.: For unto us is born a a child. Unto the internet the child is posted. Behold Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney.

This Tall Child Had a Real Child