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Joshua Bassett Releases a Trilogy of Music Videos

Photo: Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Joshua Bassett released three music videos for his latest EP, titled Crisis / Secret / Set Me Free. He prepared fans for what’s to come by sharing snippets of each song to TikTok and sending a message to them via text update. “Due to the nature of pop culture, and the current public perspective, [there] will be a lot of loud voices in this next chapter — positive, negative and everywhere in between,” said Bassett to his fans about the release. He also reminded them to “treat everyone with respect and love,” stating that “anyone who sends hate on my ‘behalf’ is no fan of mine.” He thanked fans again on the livestream for responding well to the message and being kind. Bassett revealed that he wrote the three songs in one week, writing “Secret” and “Set Me Free” on the same day, calling it a “wild inspirational week.” Due to budgeting constraints, the singer wanted to think outside the box in order to be able to film the three videos that he envisioned. Bassett, along with his team, decided to film each video in a single shot 1917-style, stating that “Secret” was the hardest video to film.

The song “Crisis” features lyrics like, “Don’t you ever wonder if I’m okay after all you put me through? / Half the shit you’re sayin’ is only half true / Messin’ with my life as a career move / I can’t help but wonder / why you won’t make it end?” leaving fans to speculate that this song is a response to the popular “Driver’s License” sketch on Saturday Night Live. Bassett stated that all of his earnings from “Crisis” would be donated to mental-health organizations. (Bassett confirms the song’s inspiration while talking to GQ Magazine, saying, “I finally found the courage to speak up for myself.”)

Bassett allegedly dated his High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star Olivia Rodrigo and then allegedly broke up with her to date another Disney darling, Sabrina Carpenter. While the three have not confirmed nor denied the drama, their songs speak for themselves as Bassett shares his side of the story.

Joshua Bassett Releases a Trilogy of Music Videos