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Merry Christmas From Kate Bush and the Goldcrest She Saw

Kate Bush, wise woman. Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

As the biblical Christmas story goes, the wise men saw a star and followed it to baby Jesus. And this Christmas, Kate Bush, a wise woman herself, saw a goldcrest. The avant-pop musician wrote a rare message on her website, reflecting on the pandemic, the Christmas season, and the bird. “With nearly two years of COVID, are any of us the same people we were before?” Bush asked. “It’s left everyone confused and uncertain of the future.” She went on to thank health-care workers in the U.K. and advocate for their increased pay. And then she wrote of the goldcrest, a tiny European bird, that she recently encountered on a walk. In this woman’s words:

I stood still, hoping not to frighten it away. Its colouring is beautiful — a peacock’s eye on each wing and a striking yellow streak on its tiny head. This gorgeous little ball of fluff flew away after ten minutes or so. I’ve only ever seen one once before and very briefly. It made my day. In these strange times, I really hope you can get the chance to stop for a moment and feel nature around you.

Here’s hoping that bird was bringing tidings of comfort and joy. “Please stay safe,” Bush concluded her holiday dispatch. “Wishing you a restful Christmas and hoping 2022 is a happier year for everyone.” We’ll be listening to 50 Words for Snow, which is Christmas music.

Merry Christmas From Kate Bush and the Goldcrest She Saw