Madonna Claims That Tory Lanez Illegally Used One of Her Songs

Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Today in unexpected celebrity beef, we bring you … Madonna and Tory Lanez. Madonna has taken to Instagram to claim that Lanez sampled her 1985 hit single “Into the Groove” without permission. She appears to be referring to Lanez’s song “Pluto’s Last Comet,” which was released on December 10 as part of the Canadian rapper’s album Alone at Prom. After Lanez shared an Instagram photo on December 22, Madonna left a comment on his post on the same day. “Read your messages [f]or illegal usage of my song get into the groove!” she wrote, implying that he has ignored her private attempts to reach him. We don’t know whether the pop icon plans to take formal action against Lanez, who certainly already has a legal battle to focus on related to the allegations that he shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot. Perhaps Madonna will give Lanez the benefit of the doubt for a little longer — after all, T-Pain showed us that it is possible to accidentally go years without seeing celebrity DMs.

Madonna Claims Tory Lanez Illegally Used One of Her Songs