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Stream Shawn Mendes’s Amicable Breakup Anthem ‘It’ll Be Okay’

Shawn Mendes released his first post-Shawmila-era track, “It’ll Be Okay.” The song is available on all the big streamers, just in time to maybe make it onto your 2022 Wrapped. The lyrics present a conscious uncoupling-style breakup, one where the two parties simply grew apart.

This song sits you down on the foot of your childhood twin bed. “Your mom and I are getting a divorce, but we are not divorcing you,” it says. “Sometimes even mommies and daddies that love each other a lot need some space, okay kiddo? But we want you to know this isn’t your fault. It just happened. Not even a really slow walk can fix this.”

The song intellectualizes the hurt: “I start to imagine a world where we don’t collide / And it’s making me sick but we’ll heal and the sun will rise,” he sings. Mendes imagines a time when the wounds have healed — but that doesn’t make it so now, Shawn! “Take time to actually feel the feeling,” said every therapist ever.

Stream Shawn Mendes’s Breakup Anthem ‘It’ll Be Okay’