The Cinerama Dome Is Reportedly Reopening After All, We Just Don’t Know When

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Looks like we mourned too soon! The iconic Cinerama Dome, which supposedly shut down for good in April, will reportedly be reopening after all. An application to sell alcoholic beverages was posted on the Hollywood theater’s door on Friday, with Cinerama listed as the business name in the public notice. Multiple outlets have since reported that the concrete venue will open its doors again, though there is unfortunately no consensus on exactly when that will happen. Variety reported that the first half of 2022 is being eyed as a potential date, while The Hollywood Reporter reported that the venue is planning to resume showings at some point in 2022. Meanwhile, Deadline insisted that renovations haven’t started and that the reopening might happen in 2023 — but definitely not in 2022. According to Deadline, the nearby Hollywood ArcLight multiplex will also be reopening because the Dome can’t afford to operate on its own. The liquor-license application that has sparked all this conversation was filed on behalf of an entity affiliated with real estate company Decurion, which did not immediately respond to Vulture’s request for comment. At least we know that it’s highly unlikely that the Dome could be demolished while we wait.

The Cinerama Dome Will Reportedly Be Reopening After All