Tom Holland and Zendaya Turned the Spider-Man Press Tour Into a Rom-Com

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From red-carpet photos to interviews, Tom Holland and Zendaya have been staying busy with promotions for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is out on December 17. The pair, who play the onscreen couple of Spider-Man and MJ, are rumored to be a real-life couple. (For the record, neither Holland nor Zendaya has ever officially confirmed that they’re dating, and both expressed a desire for privacy after paparazzi shared photos of them kissing this summer.) But regardless of whether they’re turning their press tour into a real-life rom-com or not, they’re co-stars for a reason! The two have great chemistry when the cameras are on, and even better chemistry when they’re flirting — I mean, doing press interviews. Here’s a roundup of the most charming “Tomdaya” moments from the Spider-Man: No Way Home press tour so far. As far as we know, the multiverse shouldn’t mess with this potential power couple’s timeline.

December 3: On The Graham Norton Show, the pair shows how Zendaya literally supported Holland during a Spider-Man stunt due to their height difference. It was “so nice to be caught for a change,” Holland reflects.

December 5: Zendaya and Holland exchange a quick hello as she passes by him on the red carpet at a photo-call for the film in London.

December 8: In an interview with CinemaBlend, Zendaya wordlessly reminds Holland that he previously said that he wanted to re-create their upside down kiss in the rain. Once Holland remembers, they joke that he should do the scene with their Spider-Man co-star Jacob Batalon.

December 10: Holland explains that Zendaya has picked up slang and “an English cadence” from him. She demonstrates.

After Holland calls the early vlogs Zendaya made for Disney “cute,” Zendaya does an impression of Holland bursting into song as a child actor during a Billy Elliot interview.

Zendaya and Holland explain in another interview with Heart that only one of them can cook at a time. “Long story short is we both are a bit controlling in the kitchen,” Zendaya laughs, also joking that she’s heard from Holland’s brothers that his food looks much better than it tastes.

December 12: Holland and Zendaya video-call a young fan from Korea who reads them a heartfelt letter. They tell him anyone can be an Avenger.

In another interview released that day, they pick each other’s best qualities. “Yours is that you’re super pretty,” Holland grins, before saying it’s actually her kindness. Zendaya chooses his selflessness.

December 13: Holland pauses an interview to figure out if Zendaya has arrived on the red carpet at the Spider-Man premiere in L.A.

He appears to step in front of the cameras to allow her to adjust her outfit.

December 14: They bicker about pineapple on pizza in a LADbible interview. Zendaya also shares that she is still not over her 2017 lip-sync battle loss to Holland. “I thought we were working together, but it’s whatever,” she says. She also feeds him a cookie.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Holland says that he went snowboarding after Spider-Man wrapped and ended up video-calling Zendaya with blood all over his face. “That’s very actor-y to do, instead of the hospital, you call your girlfriend,” Kimmel jokes, and both Holland and Zendaya laugh.

During their appearance on the late night show, Holland also brushes Zendaya’s hand after she picks him as her favorite Spider-Man.

December 15: Zendaya shares two photos on Instagram of Holland in a Spider-Man suit: one from set of No Way Home, and one from his childhood. In a parallel to a previous post when Holland celebrated the birthday of “My MJ,” Zendaya dedicates this post to “My Spider-Man,” writing that she is “so proud” of him.

December 16: Holland estimates to IMDb that he visited the Euphoria set 30 times this season. He explains that he’s wanted to do a cameo on the HBO show that Zendaya stars in for a while. “OK, let me talk to some people,” she says.

December 17: Holland mispronounces “quizzes” in a Buzzfeed segment. Zendaya lays her head on his shoulder and says, “Oh, sweetheart.”

A clip shared by Marvel.com’s editor on the same day shows Zendaya removing a piece of fluff from Holland’s face during an interview.

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