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Travis Scott Files for Dismissal in First Legal Response to Astroworld Lawsuits

Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images

Travis Scott has made his first legal response to the lawsuits against him stemming from his festival, Astroworld, which left ten dead and many others injured. In a filing made December 6, according to Scott’s team and obtained by Vulture, the rapper made a general denial to claims in a case brought by a festivalgoer named Jessie Garcia. Along with that general denial, which responds to all the claims in the suit and was first reported by TMZ, Scott requested for the suit to be dismissed with prejudice, which would mean it could not be brought again. Attorneys made the filing on behalf of Scott as well as his companies Jack Enterprises, Cactus Jack Foundations, Cactus Jack Records, and Cactus Jack Studios.

Rolling Stone has since additionally reported that Scott made 11 total filings responding to Astroworld lawsuits, denying allegations and requesting dismissals. Separately, other defendants including Live Nation and ScoreMore, a company owned by Live Nation which promoted Astroworld, and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, which owns Astroworld venue NRG Park, made similar filings today denying allegations, but did not request dismissals, per Rolling Stone.

The moves come as lawyers on both sides are working to consolidate the growing number of current lawsuits (275 at this time) against Scott and festival organizers into one case, which would represent at least 1,250 plaintiffs. Yet at the moment, Rolling Stone and TMZ both reported that Scott plans to file additional dismissal requests for individual cases in the meantime. Scott previously claimed after the performance that he was unaware of “the severity of the situation” and tried to pause the show when he saw people in distress. Scott also offered to pay funeral costs for the ten who died at the festival, which half of their families have rejected. The lawsuits claim Scott, along with other Astroworld organizers, was negligent in planning, which contributed to the deaths and injuries.

Travis Scott Files for Dismissal of Astroworld Lawsuits