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Good Luck Making Sense of This French Biopic About Céline Dion, or, Pardon, ‘Aline Dieu’

Ah, the Cannes Film Festival, host of some of the world’s most daring cinema, like, for instance, a movie about Céline Dion that uses the music of Céline Dion but for reasons that remain inexplicable to us Americans, refers to her as “Aline Dieu.” Above, you can watch the trailer for Aline, a film directed by and starring Valérie Lemercier that asks the daring question: “What if you made a biopic about a French Canadian woman thrust into international fame and a romance with her older, married manager but decided to call her Aline for some reason?” Aline was released in France last November, played out of competition at Cannes this June, and will finally voyage to America January 21. Vulture’s own Rachel Handler saw the movie this summer, and luckily the trailer quotes extensively from her reporting. Aline is somehow not a project dreamed up in an episode of Call My Agent!, though you can totally imagine Hervé proudly pitching the name Aline.

Good Luck Making Sense of This Biopic About ‘Aline Dieu’