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Everything Everywhere All at Once Is a Veritable Spider-verse of Michelle Yeohs

If the multiverse is real, then we live in the best of all possible universes. Why? Because we live in the one in which Michelle Yeoh gets to star in movies like Everything Everywhere All at Once. The latest in A24-core stars Yeoh as Evelyn, or, rather, as Evelyns, a Chinese American woman who is recruited to stop an evil spreading across multiple universes. This means Yeoh plays seemingly endless variations on Evelyn across space and time, including a chef, a star, a soldier, a man, a space peasant, and a sign-spinner fo a pizza place. The funny and fast-paced Yeoh vehicle is from Daniels, the double-Daniel director duo behind the even weirder Swiss Army Man. Everything Everywhere All at Once is out on March 25, 2022.

A24’s Latest Trailer Is a Spider-verse of Michelle Yeohs