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Machine Gun Kelly Is Pivoting to His Birth Name, Colson Baker

Some dude named Colson Baker appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night. Machine Gun Kelly is sometimes using his birth name nowadays, because “Nickelodeon and Disney don’t like ‘Machine Gun,’” he said. Machine Gun Colson did the interview wearing a Jennifer’s Body T-shirt, in honor of the most twisted fairly-tale romance in our lifetime. The interview really highlighted the way Kelly and Fallon are the same dude, separated by time. Like Looper but much less violent and with more beer-pong anecdotes. Firstly, they both know Cameron Crowe. Second, Baker mentioned that one of his favorite songs growing up was “Snowball Fight” off Fallon’s first album. Thirdly, Fallon enthused over how cool it was that Baker got to kick a door open in his new movie. He said that in college, he had a playlist of songs that would be good to kick doors open to. Number one was “Misty Mountain Hop” by Led Zeppelin. “Cool,” said MGK. Baker also told stories about injuring himself trying to impress Post Malone, gf Megan, and the Saturday Night Live viewing audience.

Machine Gun Kelly Is Pivoting Back to His Birth Name?