Paul Rudd Joins SNL’s 5-Timers Club, Sort of

Last night’s Saturday Night Live monologue was neither live nor much of a monologue. Following Saturday’s announcement that last night’s show would forego its live audience and feature “limited cast and crew” due to the recent Omicron variant spike, the final episode of the season opened with a prerecorded slate starring Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, and host Paul Rudd. “I am extremely disappointed,” Rudd confessed, before Kenan Thompson presented him with his five-timers club jacket, adding, “Congratulations on hosting the show four and a half times.”

Steve Martin and Martin Short also chimed in via Zoom to congratulate Rudd, though Short has technically hosted only three times. Rudd, Hanks, Fey, and Thompson closed out the introduction by explaining that the episode would feature “brand-new sketches taped earlier this week” as well as their “personal favorite sketches from past episodes.” Nothing wrong with a clip show, but the whole affair had a bit of a “this could have been an email” air to it. Watch the full “monologue” above.

Paul Rudd Joins SNL’s 5-Timers Club, Sort Of