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Watch Seth Meyers and Will Forte Get Very Drunk and Rub Their Noses Together

Seth Myers is back with the late-night segment that makes us fear for his liver. This time, his celeb day-drinking partner of choice is Will Forte, who reprises his titular role in Peacock’s upcoming MacGruber series. The 12-minute clip starts off with a drinking game that culminates in the pair drinking a truly atrocious mixture of beer, cold-brew coffee, milk, maple syrup, hot sauce, and cheese whip. To each their own? They then continue taking shots while Forte attempts to identify actors by their hair, match close-up shots of himself to his films, and do impressions of everyone from Christopher Walken to the Mona Lisa. In case there was any doubt as to how close these two Saturday Night Live alums are, Forte intimately rubs his nose on Myers’s nose no less than three times while trying to make him laugh. “I cheated on my wife there,” Forte says, after leaning in so close that he eventually presses a kiss on Myers’s lips. The video ends with Forte singing along to “Just Once,” because there’s nothing to end a night — sorry, day — like drunk karaoke.

Watch Seth Meyers and Will Forte Get Drunk and Rub Noses