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Will Forte Secretly Got Married While Filming MacGruber

Photo: Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images

MacGruber, you need to get married, but all you have at your disposal is Jorma Taccone’s house, the people you’re filming with, and a baby. What are you gonna do! Will Forte told People magazine that he and fiancée Olivia Modling had a li’l secret wedding July 31, while filming the MacGruber series for Peacock. “We realized, ‘Oh, all the people that we would want to be here are going to be here,’” Forte told the mag. “Most of them, because a lot of my closest friends work on MacGruber with me. They were already in Albuquerque, so we just decided very last minute, ‘Let’s just have this wedding, surprise my parents.’”

Forte’s parents were already planning on being in town, just to see the grandkid and catch up. “They didn’t even know until they pulled into the parking lot,” he said. “And we just had this really fun, delightful wedding, pretty small, in the back of [original MacGruber film director] Jorma Taccone’s house.”

Forte and Modling got engaged right before lockdown. The pair had a child, Zoe, in February. Forte says he’s in a very happy place at the moment, in contrast to MacGruber, who starts his Peacock series in prison.

Will Forte Secretly Got Married While Filming MacGruber