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WWHL: Watch Murray Hill’s First TV Appearance Since His 50th Birthday House Fire

Iconic drag king Murray Hill was the bartender on WWHL Sunday night, making his first appearance after a house fire destroyed all of his belongings. Hill made sure to name-check the clothiers that gave him his only suit in the world and to plug the GoFundMe on his Instagram. “I want some lips too!” he yelled at Jeff Lewis, who immediately volunteered to fund them. Andy Cohen asked Hill what he’s learned from this experience. “It’s a lesson I keep learning in New York. It’s that New York is my family, and it’s my chosen family. Everybody has just really come through,” he said, listing off the famous names that have donated: Bridget Everett, SJ (one assumes SJP), Amy Schumer, and Cohen himself. “New York?” Hill said, “Despite it’s a pain in the ass, I’m not going anywhere. This is my place.”

WWHL: Murray Hill’s First Showbiz Appearance Post-House Fire