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K-Pop Goes Punk With Xdinary Heroes’s Debut Single ‘Happy Death Day’

If you’re anticipating BTS “Butter” vibes, Xdinary Heroes will completely shift your expectations for K-pop. JYP Entertainment, one of the industry’s “Big 3” record companies (and the label for Twice), has just debuted a brand-new six-member boy band. Xdinary Heroes is not an idol group, the category that has become synonymous with K-pop, where groups such as BTS, Blackpink, and Twice sing while performing perfectly choreographed dances. In the music video for their debut single, “Happy Death Day,” the boys sing their emo, punk rock song about crappy birthdays to holographic aliens. As a band, each member of Xdinary Heroes plays his own instrument: Gaon and Jun Han are the guitarists, Jooyeon is on the bass; and leader Gunil is the drummer, with Jungsu and playing the keyboard. Xdinary Heroes is the first band JYP has debuted since 2015 with Day6, whose genre falls more into pop rock. If you hate birthdays, Xdinary Heroes’ “Happy Death Day” is the anthem for you.

K-Pop Goes Punk With Xdinary Heroes’s ‘Happy Death Day’