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Adele FaceTimes Fans in Las Vegas for Canceled Shows

Photo: Simon Emmett

Fans were heartbroken at the news of Adele postponing all of her shows for her Las Vegas residency. Many of them had already arrived in Vegas by the time the news came of her cancellation for this weekend. While it may not be equivalent to seeing an Adele concert as they planned, fans were surprised to see a personal message from Adele to concertgoers. TikTok user @JamesMasonFox shared that Adele sent him an Instagram message inviting him to go to her gift shop at Caesars Palace for a gift as a thank you for being a fan. “This can’t be real; this must be a forwarded message from her team,” wondered Fox as he replied to Adele’s message. He told her he’d visit the shop but was still skeptical if it was actually her. “Is this really mama Adele or her team?” asked Fox, and to his surprise, Adele responded with a voice note. “Yes, it is, it’s me!” replied Adele.

When fans arrived at the gift shop, they were met with a member of Adele’s team, who had her on FaceTime to talk to fans. In Adele’s announcement video yesterday, she said, “half her team [was] down with COVID,” so she may be isolating after being exposed, leading to her FaceTiming fans instead of an in-person meet and greet. Adele was in tears as she talked to her fans, and they began to chant “It’s okay!” to comfort their favorite singer.

One fan, TikTok user @ElenisaBracos, has tried multiple times to see Adele, only to be met with another cancellation this weekend. She bought tickets off Craigslist a few years ago to see Adele in New York and found out they were fake as she tried to enter the venue. She flew to London in 2017 with premium tickets only for the 30 singer to cancel the last two shows of her tour. Her video documenting her misfortune went viral and she was contacted by The Ellen Show for a possible TV appearance to meet Adele. However, Adele wasn’t doing press during that time and an interview wasn’t able to be scheduled. And lastly, @ElenisaBracos was surprised with “Weekends With Adele” tickets by her brother for Christmas and posted TikToks about her excitement for the show leading up to this weekend. She thankfully was able to FaceTime Adele to show her the T-shirts she made for her and her son. They playfully bantered on the call, with @ElenisaBracos cheerfully suggesting they get a glass of wine together in the future.

Fans also picked up a gift from Adele that consisted of merch from the concert. “Thank you adele we love you,” captioned TikTok user @_Alyssayung_, who was celebrating her 21st birthday with family.

Adele FaceTimes Fans in Vegas for Canceled Shows