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Seems Like a Good Time to Sign Up for a New Music Service

Photo-Illustration: Vulture

Are you, for no reason at all, pondering a change in your music-streaming subscription? Have you loved vital, classic Canadian rockers like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell for some time now and find your current library lacking? And do you, due to some indescribable inkling you struggle to pin down, crave a service that does not peddle vaccine misinformation? Well, we can’t know your brain, reader, but we can point you at some deals on music-streaming services right now — fortuitously timed (engineered??) to entice new, discerning subscribers this week. What luck!

Want Amazon Music Unlimited?

Mr. Young himself pointed to an Amazon Music Unlimited deal last week: four months free for the service, up from the usual 30-day trial period, including HD audio gratis. Coincidentally, the Amazon Music home page highlights Neil and Joni in a featured row right now — what a prominent placement for irreplaceable artists of their stature! Apple Music and SiriusXM don’t have a specific deal, beyond its ongoing “3 months for $1” promo, but have claimed to “love Neil Young” and play a radio station devoted to him for a week. We love an outpouring of love.

Want Tidal?

Fans of the two musicians, or of high-quality audio, might also consider Tidal. It’s actually had a deal going since late 2021. The promo expires February 1 (tomorrow!!), but right now, you can get the service’s Tidal HiFi Plus for $2, or Tidal HiFi for $1, for three months apiece. Both offer lossless, high-quality streaming — the Plus plan offers a few more audio-format options — and Tidal itself actually has a larger music library than Spotify’s and more exclusive artists, though it doesn’t have nearly the same scale in podcasting. And there are family, student, military, and first-responder discount options to take advantage of. Amazon Music Unlimited and Tidal also pay artists like Neil and Joni (a little) more per stream than the $0.00331 per stream that some sites do, for what it’s worth. Drink a case of that.

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Seems Like a Good Time to Sign Up for a New Music Service