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Amber Rose on Kim Kardashian: ‘Kim Nor Her Sisters Deserved That’

Photo: Sam Wasson#ENT/Getty Images

Amber Rose and the Kardashian family have a long, complicated history. Rose used to date Kim Kardashian’s ex Ye (F.K.A. Kanye West) and is best friends with Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s ex and the mother of his daughter Dream. Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner both used to date Tyga. And 2015 was all about Twitter fights where everyone was called out. Rose called Kim and her sisters the “Kartrashians” after Ye wrote “30 Showers” about his relationship with Rose once he got together with Kim. However, it’s been almost seven years since the feud, and Rose regrets insulting the Kardashian family.

“I started my Slutwalk and helped Millions of women around the world stand up for themselves against Slut shaming so something amazing came out of it,” said Rose on Instagram. “Kim nor her sisters deserved that tweet and y’all shouldn’t co-sign that either. Shit was old and immature [as fuck] of me to involve the KarDASHians in the mess [Ye] made.” Rose blames Ye for their feud and regrets slut shaming the Kardashians. “I just wanna spread love and positivity,” concluded Rose. Rose has plans to revive her Slutwalk after canceling the event a few years ago due to “toxic people” associated with the event.

Amber Rose Regrets Tweeting About Kim Kardashian in 2015