"going out like mr. big"

Peloton Gave Wags a Heart Attack on Billions Too

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

On top of that dipping stock price and dwindling demand, Peloton has another thing to worry about — causing a second TV heart attack. This time, it was none other than Wags on Billions, who almost met his demise during a class with his “girlfriend,” an instructor named Tunde, early into the season-six premiere. Lucky for him, new billionaire Michael Prince (Corey Stoll) and his right-hand man Scooter Dunbar (Daniel Breaker) were spying on Wags via a fitness ring they’d given to him and noticed his spiking heart rate, prompting them to call an ambulance and help the Axe Capital COO survive. “I’m not going out like Mr. Big,” Wags declared on his return to the office — referencing the earlier Peloton heart attack on Sex and the City spinoff And Just Like That …, which killed off Carrie’s husband Mr. Big (after she, inexplicably, didn’t call 911 for him).

Unlucky for Peloton, Billions didn’t let the company know how the product would be used in the episode, similarly to And Just Like That …, as Peloton previously alleged. The company confirmed to USA Today that it “did not agree” to be involved in the Billions episode, while adding, “We get why these fictional TV shows would want to include a brand that people love to talk about.” Meanwhile, the Billions team told the paper that the Peloton heart attack had been in the cards for Wags long before Mr. Big’s demise, with the scene being shot last spring. They only added that Mr. Big reference later, in a last-minute line swap during postproduction. “It would be completely out of our character not to take a swing,” said Beth Schacter, an executive producer. “It’s too good.”

Billions Gave Peloton PR Another Heart Attack