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Celebrities Ringing in a Totally Normal 2022

Photo: Dan Levy/Instagram

Time marches ever onward, but #relatable content is forever. After a totally normal Christmas — full of jammies and family and LED lights — the celebs rang in a normal New Year. Or those who weren’t working did, at least. Andy Cohen went on his last annual Bill de Blasio rant on CNN, Miley Cyrus almost got ’em out, and Dulcé Sloan vowed to acquire no more broke dick. But the homebound celebs were the real story. They celebrated, they Top Nined, they photo-dumped. Whether kissing significant others, having the most lopsided dresser in the world, or wearing the heaux-iest outfit ever worn to an at-home NYE, the stars really were just like us — or at least like how we would be with glam teams and (allegedly) Photoshop.

Florence Pugh and her wonky dresser:

Kim Kardashian-West:

January Jones:


Joey King:

Halle Berry’s fake-wedding prank:

Edgar Wright:

Shakira (who was attacked by wild boars last year. Remember that?):

Zac Efron:

Dan Levy:

Celebrities Ringing in a Normal 2022