Chris Noth Reportedly Edited Out of the And Just Like That … Finale

Photo: HBO

Big is already scary enough without him being a spooky ghost. But that’s exactly how he was meant to appear in the finale of HBO Max’s And Just Like That …. The Sex and the City reboot had shot footage of Chris Noth’s character, Mr. Big, reuniting with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) from beyond the grave as a “fantasy element.” But TVLine reports that the show’s creative team has decided to cut his footage from the episode in light of the multiple sexual assault allegations made against Noth in the past month. The scene was filmed on location at Paris’s Pont des Arts with Noth and Parker, but the creative team decided that the “minimal footage” of Noth “was not integral to the scene, which is about Carrie finding closure via the spreading of Big’s ashes,” per sources. Representatives for Noth did not immediately respond to Vulture.

After three women accused Noth, the actor was fired from his recurring role on CBS drama The Equalizer. After his firing, a fourth woman came forward. TVLine notes that the And Just Like That … finale, which will stream February 3, was “not locked at the time that the allegations against Noth were made public.” HBO Max declined to comment.

Chris Noth Reportedly Edited Out of the AJLT Finale