Will Forte’s Clancy T. Bachleratt Stages a Daring Comeback on SNL

We here at Vulture have never been happier to eat our words. Last week, in advance of Will Forte’s Saturday Night Live episode, we predicted that Forte’s warbling Clancy T. Bachleratt would be unlikely to make an appearance, in favor of Forte’s more popular recurring characters. While MacGruber (who is now obviously anti-vaxx) did make periodic appearances in pre-taped bits last night, it was Clancy who got the full shebang. Alongside Kristen Wiig’s steadfast Jackie Snad, Clancy belted out his spaceships-toddlers-Model-T-cars-and-jars-of-beer-centered-ballads. It’s Wiig and Forte’s absolute full-throttle dedication to singing as loudly and badly as they can that make Jackie and Clancy so unforgettable. As Kenan Thompson’s Jevner Keeblerelv puts it, “You want less? Sorry! ’Cause while there’s more than one way to skin a cat, there’s only one way to put that skin back on.” Indeed. Watch the full sketch above.

Clancy T. Bachleratt Stages a Daring Comeback on SNL