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Andy Cohen Regrets That He Drunkenly ‘Slammed’ Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Eve Broadcast

Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Andy Cohen took a few shots on New Year’s Eve, and we’re not just talking about tequila. During CNN’s countdown to 2022, he called out the likes of former mayor Bill de Blasio (“Sayonara, sucker”), Mark Zuckerberg (“You are messing with all of us”), and one person he actually feels bad about bringing up. “The only thing that I regret saying — the only thing — is that I slammed the ABC broadcast. I really like Ryan Seacrest,” Cohen said on his SiriusXM radio show Monday. “And he’s a great guy, and I really regret saying that. I was just stupid and drunk and feeling it.” He added that he’s seen headlines saying that he “trashed” Seacrest, and hopes Seacrest has heard the full context.

Here’s the full context: At one point during the New Year’s Eve broadcast from Times Square, Cohen mentioned that there was smoke coming from “Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers.” He added, “If you’ve been watching ABC tonight, you’ve seen nothing, I’m sorry.” He went on to insist to co-host Anderson Cooper that Journey’s appearance on the competitor network was fake since Steve Perry was not involved. On New Year’s Day, he tweeted that he had been “a bit overserved” the night before. But he didn’t agree with people who called his behavior irresponsible. “I made the choice to get drunk on New Years Eve and lead a virtual audience in a night of revelry to forget a very shitty year,” Cohen replied to one critic on Twitter. “Ashamed I am not. I had fun and so did others. Happy New Year.” Watch the clips of his callouts below.

Andy Cohen Regrets That He Drunkenly ‘Slammed’ Ryan Seacrest