Colin Jost and Pete Davidson Addressed the Boat Thing on ‘Weekend Update’

Colin Jost and Pete Davidson kind of had no choice on last night’s Saturday Night Live but to address that whole thing from three days ago where they bought a defunct Staten Island ferry alongside a man named Paul Italia. During “Weekend Update,” Jost (fittingly) brought out Alex Moffat’s “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat,” who had a bit of time to be his usual gross self before the conversation shifted to Jost and Davidson’s recent maritime acquisition. “It’s very exciting,” Jost noted. “We thought the whole thing through.” Though the bit stretches on for about three minutes, the pair manages to clear up absolutely nothing about their bizarre purchase. Davidson, who breaks almost immediately, at least confirms that Paul Italia “is the name of a real person and not a Mafia-themed wrestler.” Watch the full bit above.

Colin Jost, Pete Davidson Address the Boat on Weekend Update