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Dave Grohl Is Less Pretender and More Demon in the Studio 666 Trailer

Man, Dave Grohl deserves a break. He’s already back to work on the tenth Foo Fighters album after the band’s Rock Hall induction? And doing it while possessed by a demon who wants to violently kill all of his bandmates in a haunted studio mansion? The dedication is astounding. So it goes in the trailer for Studio 666, with the Foos trying to make their next masterpiece in a place that allows spiritual entities to cross into our world. To be clear, they are not friendly spiritual entities. Taylor Hawkins gets decapitated by a cymbal, and someone else gets fed to a wood chipper. “Do you all get this overwhelming sense of death?” Grohl asks. “It doesn’t really seem like the right fit.” The self-aware horror flick will be released on February 25. And now that we think about it, Foo is only one letter away from boo.

Dave Grohl and the Foos Get Possessed in Studio 666 Trailer