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Doja Cat Is an Intergalactic Space Baddie in ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’ Music Video

If you’ve ever wished Star Trek was more yassified, the new Doja Cat video is for you. She released the video for “Get Into It (Yuh)” off Planet Her Sunday. In the video, Doja commands a starship full of backup dancers in a cosmos-spanning rescue mission. The target? Her pet cat Starscream. Brilliantly incorporating the sponcon, Doja Cat tracks her feline friend to the ends of the universe using its Tile collar. Confused by her squad’s hypersexual dancing, the alien enemies are destroyed. It’s giving Judy Garland in space. And if you haven’t seen the cut for time Saturday Night Live sketch starring Ariana Grande, get into it (yuh). Doja Cat and Planet Her are nominated for 8 Grammys. The postponed and relocated ceremonies are set to take place April 3 in Las Vegas.

Watch Space Baddie Doja Cat in ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’ Video