Introducing the Vulture 10x10 Crossword

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by NBC and Getty Images

Oh, so you recently got really into solving daily word puzzles? And you’re thirsty for more? We’ve got you covered. New York Magazine is expanding its games repertoire, which will now include a new 10x10 Vulture crossword dropping every weekday. Get excited, nerds!

Two stellar constructors will be contributing puzzles to the Vulture 10x10: Malaika Handa, creator of the 7xwords project (a collaborative daily 7x7 crossword series), and Stella Zawistowski, one of the fastest crossword solvers in the world (nbd). Editing these puzzles will be Vulture’s Emily Palmer Heller (that’s me!), an enthusiastic if not particularly speedy solver who is convinced that Stella and Malaika are powerful grid sorcerers.

We hope you have fun with these puzzles, share your favorite clues with your friends, brag about your solve time on Twitter, sign up below to know when a new one drops, and come back every day to try your hand at each puzzle. (There may even be some fun surprises down the road.) Happy solving!

Introducing the Vulture 10x10 Daily Crossword